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a neutralizing shield... subtly tinted and semi-matte. Not to mention, infused with non-nano zinc, moisturizing argan, collagen-boosting raspberry seed, and anti-inflammatory licorice root.

VIVE SANA is lusciously hydrating and gives me the dewy, hothouse vibe I’m always aspiring to. It feels more like a silky night cream than a typical sunblock, melts in like a dream, and doesn’t make me break out.

Say hello to VIVE SANA—the newest and perhaps cleanest sunscreen on the block. Not only is it organic and mineral-based, but it also features a dreamy ingredient list featuring skin-brightening fare

Serum Crema

Serum Crema is a light, antioxidant-rich organic face serum, blending the best qualities of a nourishing, daily face cream & a potent improving serum. VIVE SANA identified critical multi-phase treatment areas and curated the optimal organic & natural ingredient for each purpose. The result is an elegant, all-natural serum engineered to deeply hydrate, protect from sun & pollution, repair sun damage, stimulate skin cell repair, improve elasticity & even skin tone.

Multi-Phase Support 

Nourish & Hydrate

Dry skin is especially vulnerable to UV rays, yet most sun care is filled with topically drying fillers, like water. Serum Crema utilizes organic, ceramide-rich emollients like Argan, Apricot, Avocado & Jojoba to improve softness, hydration & pliability. Meanwhile, organic Glycerin literally pulls water from air into your skin.


UV rays can be devastating to skin health & appearance. Many sun care brands use synthetic sun-blockers with proven negative health impact, while others use nanonized minerals coated in chemicals. Serum Crema's pristine uncoated non-nano Zinc offers strong UVA & UVB protection, while barrier supporting organic Beeswax and ceramide-rich organic Safflower & Sunflower help build skin's natural protection against pollution, another serious skin stressor.

Repair & Prevent

Once sun damage occurs, there's not much that can be done. Recognizing the critical need to prevent & repair damage as it occurs, Serum Crema's potent organic antioxidants like Green Tea, Vitamin E & rosemary help scavenge free radicals to treat & block tumor growth. Nourishing botanicals soothe, soften & heal.

Improve & Rejuvenate

Serum Crema utilizes a series of potent skin-improving phytonutrients and antioxidants, including Astxanthin, a key to skin and smoothness elasticity, Red Raspberry Seed, resplendent with phytosterols & collagen-building ellagic acid, and Licorice Root, a powerful skin brightener.

Key Ingredients


One of the most powerful phytonutrients found in nature, estimated to be 6,000 times stronger than Vitamin C. A remarkable agent for lowering oxidative load, reducing freckles and wrinkles, improving skin moisture levels, elasticity, and radiance.

Organic Argan

A remarkable moisturizer that mimics skin structure & promotes elasticity and smoothness.

Licorice Root

An ancient remedy for balancing skin tone & improving blood flow to brighten & soothe skin.

Non Nano Zinc  13.5%

A safe, effective, natural ingredient that provides excellent broad-spectrum protection & has several advantages over synthetic actives.

Green Tea, Red Raspberry, Rosemary, & Vitamin E

A super cocktail of antioxidants that repairs sun damage as it occurs. The blend scavenge free radicals, shield against carcinogens, reduce redness & stimulate skin cell repair.

Other ingredients:
Apricot Kernel
Iron Oxide

Feel & Finish

Serum Crema mimics skin structure to absorb on contact, sit comfortably on skin, and to assist the natural barrier. Its natural & organic ingredients provide luxuriously sheer, lightly tinted, brightening coverage, upon which you can apply other products.

When to Use It

Serum Crema designed for everyday use, especially at times when you need a lighter feel, moderate moisturization & sun/pollution protection, a potent antioxidant blend & a glowing finish. 


Broad Spectrum SPF 20 ~ 100% Natural ~ 70%+ Certified Organic ~ Pollution-Protective ~ Fragrance-Free ~ Coral Reef-Safe ~ Water & Filler-Free ~ Cruelty Free


Remember to store the Serum Crema at normal temperatures.