Serum Crema

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Serum Crema is a luxurious, antioxidant-rich daily organic face serum designed to nourish, protect, repair & rejuvenate. VIVE SANA mapped out critical multi-phase treatment areas and curated the optimal organic & natural ingredient for each purpose. The result is an elegant, completely chemical-free product bursting with fantastic organic botanicals, extracts & phytonutrients.

What it Does:

  • Light, non-comedogenic, ceramide-rich organic emollients nourish, hydrate & prepare skin.
  • Non-nano, uncoated Zinc offers protection from UV rays, pollution & other stressors.
  • Antioxidants like Green Tea & Vitamin E scavenge free radicals before they occur & help repair sun damage.
  • Potent phytonutrients & antioxidants like Licorice Root, Red Raspberry & Astaxanthin help improve elasticity, blood flow, build collagen & even skin tone

Feel & Finish: Serum Crema mimics skin structure to absorb on contact, sit comfortably on skin, and to assist the natural barrier. Its remarkable natural and organic ingredients provide luxuriously sheer, lightly tinted, brightening coverage, upon which you can apply other products.

When to Use It: Serum Crema designed for everyday use.  It is designed for those who want a light, repairing antioxidant serum with moderate moisturization & sun/pollution protection and a glowing finish.

Remember to store the Serum Crema at normal temperatures