Serum Crema


VIVE SANA’s Serum Crema is a complete nutrient-dense daily organic face treatment, SPF 25, designed to nourish, protect, repair & rejuvenate.

The Serum Crema is an organic wish list come true. VIVE SANA mapped out critical multi-phase treatment areas and curated the best possible organic and natural ingredient for each purpose. There are no fillers, no water, no synthetics & no redundancies. The resulting product is chock full of organic botanicals, extracts and phytonutrients. Serum Crema is engineered to deeply hydrate, block UV rays, repair sun damage as it occurs, stimulate skin cell repair, improve elasticity & even skin tone.

Serum Crema’s non-comedogenic mineral formula mimics the skin’s structure to absorb on contact and provides unparalleled sheer, brightening coverage. It is as clean, safe & sustainable as possible but doesn’t skimp on luxury or performance.