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Our Story

Vive Sana is the culmination of an amazing journey to create the best, safest, cleanest sun care on Earth.

New York City

Zurich Switzerland

We started VIVE SANA for a lot of reasons, but most of all, we were frustrated that all the sunscreens we could find were unpleasant to use, filled with toxic ingredients, or were simply counterproductive to consistently beautiful skin. 

So, we decided to make pure, holistic, elegant sun care using only the best possible ingredients on Earth.  We applied the latest research in botanical science to create thoughtfully composed, complete treatments for skin. We approached skin as a living organ with a wide range of interrelated functions, and developed a holistic approach to helping skin with sun, but also other daily skin stressors like pollution and dry air.


Ultimately, we started VIVE SANA to give skin the tools to be healthy, protected, and beautiful.

Thank you,