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VIVE SANA is the culmination of an amazing journey to create the best, safest, cleanest sun care on Earth.

It all began when we looked around and saw sunscreens that were unpleasant to use, filled with toxic ingredients, or were simply counterproductive to consistently beautiful skin. Sun care is important, but it shouldn’t be the lesser of two evils.

So, we decided to make pure sun care without compromises. We used the latest research in botanical science to create thoughtfully composed, complete treatments.  Plants have been dealing with the sun for millions of years longer than we have. It’s not a coincidence that the best barrier-supporting, sun protecting, skin-repairing ingredients are botanically sourced.

We view sun care as critically important, but ultimately as just one element of skin care – for us, SPF is the starting point.  Skin is a living organ, with a wide range of interrelated functions. If any of them is comprised, it impacts other elements of skin health and beauty.

We started VIVE SANA to give skin all the tools to be healthy, protected, and beautiful. 

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