Lakey Peterson

Solar to Polar Ultra

Solar to Polar® Ultra

A Potent SPF 40.
Truly the best of both worlds: remarkably strong, durable, barrier-supporting UVA/UVB protection without any nasty chemicals. The Ultra uses its 100% natural and over 70% certified organic ingredients to moisturize and protect. Leaves skin healthy, happy and protected.
Solar to Polar Baby

Solar to Polar® Baby

A Pure SPF 42.
Solar to Polar Baby has the strongest synthetic-free SPF this side of a shady tree. It is gentle, hypoallergenic, 70% organic and 100% natural. Even its tube is safe and sustainable. Let the fun shine in!
Dopo Elements

Dopo Elements

Repairing Organic Moisturizer.
Dopo means “after”. As in, try this remarkably nourishing, repairing, soothing and organic moisturizer after being in the sun, water, and dry air.

Gift Sets

Natasana® = Born Healthy
Give the gift of smooth, healthy skin to someone you love. Choose our lovely Natasana® or Sana gift box. Feel good about finding a healthy yet elegant gift. And rejoice in an equally healthy discount!