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Vivesana means “live healthy”. Vivesana began with doctors, teachers, artists, farmers, chefs, athletes, lawyers, moms, dads and little kids who take that motto to heart. We wanted safe, natural and effective products. We wanted labels we could trust. We wanted companies to have broader goals than the bottom line.

We set out to create our dream products – carefully developing combinations of high quality organic ingredients while steering clear of unnecessary fillers, unpronounceable chemicals, and irritating natural ingredients.

Simplicity is Golden
Our guiding principle was that good skin care formulation, like good cooking, is all about freshness, quality and simplicity. We digested thousands of the latest studies, but from kitchen to lab, we made sure to preserve a homemade touch.

Safer, Inside and Out
Looking at the retail shelves, all we saw was shiny plastic from around the globe. We set out to find something better. We found local, safe, responsible packaging without sacrificing a shade of personality or elegance.

Keeping Perspective
All the while, our goal has been to improve the world around us. Sana found worthy non-profits to work with and support. We ensured that every aspect of our practices was responsible and sustainable.

Every once in a while, you shoot for the stars and you hit them. Read about our innovations to learn how we did it. Go to our philosophy and practices to see exactly what we’re about. Join the movement!

Recent Blog Posts

Montauk and Vivesana? A very good match.

July 6th, 2011

Style Bomb knows what to wear to the beach, and not just when it comes to suits and flip flops. Don’t forget to check out Vivesana at White’s in East Hampton on your way out…

No More Dirty Looks – A Review to Read Carefully

June 23rd, 2011

There are lots of “experts” There are a precious few skin care mavens out there who really know what they’re talking about when it comes to skin safety and beauty. No More Dirty Looks is undoubtedly one of them. We’re as proud of their review as any…

A Little Love from Marie Claire

June 23rd, 2011

Thanks to Marie Claire for recognizing you don’t always have to give up look and feel with a natural sunscreen. Live Healthy!

LA Examiner: “Vivesana Sunscreens – Why They Just Might be the Best”

June 23rd, 2011

It’s always nice to find ourselves in the glossy pages of a major publication, like, say, this month’s Marie Claire (see above). Of course, all that takes is some good p.r. work. It can be more gratifying to get a more substantive review. Check out last night’s LA Examiner, which suggested Vivesana sunscreens are “if not the best, one of the best sunscreens” the beauty editor, April Aldana, has ever tried. Yes, we’re blushing.

Keep ’em Coming: another thumbs up from Daily Candy

June 21st, 2011

Here we are on another list. Next one to come…Check out the July Marie Claire. Live Healthy!

An SPF Rockstar in Suncare? Fashion Magazine Makes us Blush

June 9th, 2011

Mineral sunscreens: The new SPF rockstars Suncare – fashionmagazine.com

Photography by Carlo Mendoza

Well + Good, well, loves Vivesana!

June 9th, 2011

Well + Good

The smiling reviews keep coming.  We don’t know what to say…we’re just happy everyone’s happy!  By the way, sunscreen number three is on its way.  We’re very happy with it!  We’ll keep you posted…

Vivesana on NBC

June 8th, 2011

Chatting about Vivesana

NBC Philadelphia: Green Your Beach

A nice little chat among friends at NBC 10 in Philly…just in time for the return of the Ultra!

Nylon & Vivesana. What Fun…

February 27th, 2011

And, for those who like to actually read the words, “Pick a pure sunblock. I have searched everywhere for a clean, synthetic-free, non-greasy sunscreen. Vivesana SPF 40 is great because it doesn’t leave a white finish and won’t make me break out – and as a bonus, it leaves a beautiful finish. Vivesana Solar to Polar Ultra moisturizing sun care for face and body, $29, spiritbeautylounge.com”. Thanks guys.

Form and Function – Vivesana’s Two Newest Partners

May 28th, 2010

What do the Studio and the Takoma Park Co-op have in common? They don’t share a style or a coast, but they do share an overarching, all-consuming drive to carry the best quality products they can find. As it happens, they also began carrying Vivesana yesterday afternoon. We’re thrilled to be working with both of them, and love what the variety of approach says about Vivesana – stores from across the spectrum meet when it comes to strong, safe, stylish and effective sun care. Hurray!

Green + Style = Ecofabulous

May 2nd, 2010


The lovely people at Ecofabulous just made us blush.  Read what they had to say about the Vivesana approach to sun care.  We think they’re doing great work, too!

And read on, to see what scores of other reviewers have had to say…

The Company You Keep

February 6th, 2010


Vivesana announces its newest retail partner, the Hippocrates Health Institute of West Palm Beach.

Standing apart as one of the most prominent wellness centers in the country, the Institute embodies many of ideals Vivesana strives to meet. Live Healthy!