Skin Physiology


An Exquisite Multi-Tasker
Your skin is amazing. When healthy, it tackles a wide array of projects. It locks in moisture, it keeps out toxins, and it fights germs on the surface. It’s a flexible, multi-layered, self-replenishing, self-policing, semi-permeable wall. Under normal circumstances, skin has a remarkable ability to adapt and repair itself – but we all need a little help sometimes.

The Skin’s Fuel: Water
Water is the key to healthy, beautiful skin. Water is fundamental to every one of the skin’s functions. Without it, the whole system breaks down. It plumps up cells so skin is pliable and smooth. It catalyzes the natural shedding process so that skin stays fresh and free of toxins. Water is necessary for the natural lipids that serve as the flexible mortar holding everything together. It’s even crucial to the anti-microbial function and to making sure the skin’s barrier is strong enough to block germs and chemicals. If only our cars were so efficient!

When the Wall Falls
A well constructed, functioning barrier is the key to hydration. When that barrier is compromised, skin’s moisture starts to evaporate into thin air, setting off a cascade of problems. Many factors impair your barrier. Some things you can’t do much about, like age and genetics. Others wreak havoc only if you let them, such as poor diet, lack of water intake, little sleep, smoke, chemicals, microbes and stress. Finally there are set of skin stressors you might not want to avoid, like sun, wind, water, and snow.

Vivesana is dedicated to making sure the barrier has all it needs to deal with the world.

Keep Skin Healthy and Glowing, Water It, Feed it
Water in skin care is generally counter-productive, since it is drying on the surface. Watering your skin means drinking lots of water. Feeding it is important too, but the kind of food depends on individual needs. See if Vivesana is right for you.

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Haiti Relief Effort

January 14th, 2010

We encourage all to give what they can to help. For our part, Vivesana will donate at least 50% of online sales to Haiti relief via Doctors without Borders from January 14-20.

Feeding Your Skin and Supporting the Barrier

December 22nd, 2008

Sana works by helping the skin do its thing. Give skin support in adverse conditions, and it’s amazing how beautiful and healthy it’ll stay. Dry, damaged skin often develops because the natural barrier is compromised, or because the barrier simply can’t adapt quickly enough to external stressors, like dry air, sun, or stretching.

So what is Sana’s answer? We chose the organic botanicals and extracts best suited to support skin when it needs help. Why? Because those botanicals mimic natural lipids, waxes and anti-oxidants in your skin. Evolutionarily, plants have been at it for millions of years – a lot longer than people have – which starts to explain their remarkable array of defenses to moisture loss, oxidation, and external contaminants.
We don’t rely on synthetics for a host of health and environmental reasons. But even from a functional perspective, we’d rather start from scratch. Synthetics are often just cheap derivatives of the real thing. In some cases, synthetic skin care ingredients act by altering the chemistry of the skin. Every day we learn new things about the mystery of skin and its –and the body’s – reactions to synthetics. We’d rather help skin do its thing, naturally.
Skin hydration is the single most important thing for overall skin health. Naturally supporting the skin’s barrier, while nourishing and anti-oxidizing, is what Sana is all about…

Out with the Old: Desquamation, Exfoliation and Rejuvenation

December 18th, 2008

Skin replenishes itself all the time. Water travels through the skin layers from the bottom up, and skin cells do the same. Over the course of a few weeks skin cells rise from the bottom layers, eventually forming the bricks at the surface, before eventually shedding invisibly off the skin. It is essential for healthy, vibrant skin to replace the old with the new. When we exfoliate, we are giving the shedding process (also called desquamation) an extra push. Just be careful not to push too hard…gentle exfoliation is a good thing, aggressive exfoliation can cause skin trauma.

The shedding process is not just about making skin look good. The dead cells can be filled with toxins. Desquamation is a form of detoxifying your skin. And it’s one more reason to drink water…it doesn’t just flush your fluids, it flushes your skin by making sure the cells shed properly!

What Happens When the Wall Falls: The Cascading Effect of Water Loss

December 18th, 2008

It’s all about water. When the skin loses too much water – either because the barrier is compromised or simply can’t keep up with its environment – the skin is in trouble in more ways than one. Ever wonder about ashy, scaly skin? That happens because the skin stops shedding properly without water. Pliability? The lipid layers need moisture to function. Physical barrier? Cracks and fissures form when there’s not enough moisture at the surface, allowing even more moisture to evaporate and more contaminants to get in. Germ-Killing? Even the anti-microbial function of the skin is compromised when there isn’t enough water.

It’s not that tough to stop. Just drink water and feed your barrier.