Lakey Peterson. Santa Barbara, CA

She took some convincing – but not by us. By mom.

I sat down with Lakey and her parents on a sunny Santa Barbara afternoon. We talked about our approach to things. We were on the same page with just about everything – from the importance of organics and sustainability, to being a responsible corporate citizen, to reasons why a moisturizing, all-natural formulation is ideal for active, prolonged exposure to sun, wind, water and salt.

Lakey was a hesitant. She liked the tinted sun stick she had always used. Mom pointed out how good Solar to Polar made her skin look, and why it’s better to use nourishing natural ingredients. Lakey tried it, flashed a bright smile, and ran off to guitar lesson.

The Petersons seem like a wonderful family, which helps explain why Lakey is such a funny, energetic, charismatic young lady. She also happens to be one of, if not the, top young women surfers in America. She just won the national NSSA open women’s surfing championship. Read more here. And, we’re happy to report, she just joined the Vivesana family.

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